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Once you have decided to build the dedicated home theatre you have always dreamed of, the next step is to collaborate with a licensed Architectural and Thematic Design firm to take charge of key aspects of the project and assist in professionally creating the space needed. Designing a high performance dedicated home theatre seems very straight forward, especially when compared with a technically complex undertaking such as designing a whole house. Yet it is not, and to do it well a firm requires a least 10 years of focused experience and background in a niche architectural and design practice that specializes, everyday, in highly involved residential cinema work. The theatre must merge the latest digital picture and multi-channel audio experiences effectively with cinema design and a theme that meets the customer’s needs, desires, expectations, and anticipated budget to create that final personalized home theater.

First Impressions Theme Theatres is a registered NCARB certified and licensed architectural and interior design firm with over 37 years of experience engineering, building, shipping and installing private theater interiors worldwide. Our expertise takes a design idea from sketches to a finished operable theatre with private cinema acoustics, psychoacoustics, noise and vibration control ergonomics, engineering, construction, electrical, lighting design, HVAC systems, furniture design, local and national building codes, life safety issues and hard costs all considered in the final undertaking.

The “First Impressions” Personal Cinema

First Impressions Theme Theatres strives to incorporate the “WOW” factor into every element of each personal cinema we create. Our firm has built opulent dedicated home theatres globally for captains of industry, sports celebrities, Hollywood personalities and people just like you. We are a vertical end-to-end solution for custom digital entertainment environments, and we are particularly noted for our astute attention to sound-vibration control and acoustical privacy, not only in the theatre, but also in other areas of the residence as suggested.

Our personal home theatres can be likened to Hollywood stage sets in that we manufacture whatever is needed in-house to build a superlative custom theater from millwork to moldings, stages, risers, drapes, CineBars™, entrance marquees, custom theatre seating, poster cases, and more. We can develop anything you can dream of into a built reality, including special effects such as secret entrance doors with ”spy-like“ biometric thumbprint access, claps of thunder and lightening bolts moving across a constellation filled fiber-optic Starlite® Ceiling System and much, much more.

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