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The Art of the
Personal Cinema

First Impressions Theme Theatres strives to incorporate the “WOW” factor into every element of each personal cinema we design, from the molding to the draperies, theatre seating and acoustical wall treatments. Our firm has designed, built and installed opulent, dedicated home theatres around the world for captains of industry, sports celebrities…READ MORE


Personal Cinema
Design & Installation

First Impressions Theme Theatres is a registered NCARB certified and licensed architectural and interior design firm with over 35 years of experience engineering, building, shipping and installing private theatre interiors worldwide. Our experience takes a design idea from sketches to a finished operable theatre with private cinema acoustics…READ MORE


Cinema Seating

CineLoungers® are and will continue to be truly an engineering phenomenon and remain the preeminent custom theatre seating collection with thousands sold and in use every day in private cinemas, motion picture screening rooms, commercial skyboxes and a multitude of special entertainment and hospitality venues around the world…READ MORE

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